Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Ziva Grace!

Birthday #2 has come and gone. It was exciting and sad (b/c she keeps getting older) all at once. She loved it. I choose a circus minus the scary clowns theme. I really chose it because of the coloring. I knew Ziva would love all the bright coloring and since it's not part of her everyday life it would stand out. That it did. I think though that Ziva thought the decorations were called "happy birthday." She kept pointing to them and then would say "happy irthday" or something close. Jason helped a lot since I'm already so prego that climbing on a ladder isn't the best thing right now. Didn't he do a good job...under my close supervision.

Let's take a moment and discuss the huge circus tent in my tiny front room. I actually picked that up for Ziva before Christmas. It helped inspire the theme so we held it back for her birthday. The night before when we (or Jason only) put it together we were in for a big shock. The thing is huge. It did not look that big on the box. It had kids on the picture with it and it wasn't much larger than they were. So now I have a circus tent in my front room that Ziva calls "fort." Awesome! It is also a lot more complicated than I planned. So there is no popping it up for an afternoon.

The colors of the cake were suppose to be bolder and more primary but it tasted good. I think next year I will try to do the cake myself. Go ahead and laugh, honey, but I am being serious.

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