Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To!

Apparently, Ziva found all the attention, once directed only on her, too much. It's probably my fault because I didn't talk to her about it. Never crossed my mind. When everyone gathered around her and started singing to her, Ziva flipped out. She started screaming and crying. She finally escaped to her "fort" were she hid till Jason drug her out. Again we sang. Again she cried. Poor little thing. She was happy once she was left alone. She loved all the people there but hated being the center of things. Once I figure out my new "flip" camera I will down load the video. It is funny.


You can see her in the corner of the picture struggling to get down.

This is the picture just before she broke from Jason, dashed through the crowd and hid in her "fort." She even held the flaps together trying to keep us out.

Jason making her pretend to blow out the candles. I am a little sad because I didn't get any sweet in front of the cake pictures.

Finally, left alone.

Note: Look at how the adults randomly put their cups on the kids table. That's safe.

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