Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Potty Update

No. We don't have a potty trained child. Yes, we have tried. Yes, I still endorse the book I did earlier. It's just the will of that child you see pictured below that we are dancing around. There were two set backs...traumatic set backs one might say. One happened in the bath and the other...hmmm...maybe there was just one. So we have been giving her space. Then there were the two glorious days she used the potty to poop. It was exciting and wonderful and it hasn't happened since then. Only the Lord above knows what has terrified (and I mean terrified) my child into not sitting on the potty "naked" and pottying like a "big girl." She will though sit forever others I know in this house. I have stopped staying in there with her when she reads on the potty. I come back about 10 minutes later and make her leave. So I know she has the endurance to potty train. She just doesn't want to. When asked if she would like to potty like a big girl without a diaper she answers. "No, I'm fine. Diaper change please." Seriously, that's the conversation I have daily with this child.

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