Friday, February 26, 2010


That is what Ziva calls this thing and she yells it almost every time. It's actual name is a Giga Ball. My parents got it for her for Christmas. Cause what a growing family needs in a small, cramped house is a huge ball that doesn't fit through doors. Anyway, here it is. You put your children in it and roll them around. I guess if you were young you would think it was fun but I'm not so sure. None-the-less, Jason and Ziva had a "ball" playing with it. I'm not sure who had the most fun.

This thing is so large and takes so long to blow up that Jason refuses to collapse it or keep it in the garage. So it's new home is in our back yard. When not in use it just blows around and bumps into stuff.

Look at her hair!

Jason looks like the long lost "Fruit of the Loom" guy.

Daddy it's for kids.

It works as a chair too.

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