Friday, February 26, 2010

BIG girl

When I looked at these pictures I can't help but be very sad. These pictures (in my opinion) are proof that my baby is gone...totally gone. Don't get me wrong she still has her "baby" moments but still she is just so much older looking.

I wanted to have professional pictures taken of Ziva for her 2nd birthday but since baby #2 will be here in no time it seemed more budget friendly to wait till then. She won't change much will she...maybe she will?!? So I set out to take some of my own "not-so professional" pictures. They turned out okay, I think. I do find it interesting that her smile is crooked for these pictures.

BIG girl.
I think this one looks like a first day of school picture.

"Oooo! I messed up my hair!"
That is seriously what she is upset about here in this picture."

Another crooked smile.

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