Friday, February 26, 2010


Ziva can say her ABCs. When she sings the song she "slurs" some of them but when she slows down and says them individually she gets them all. She can recognize some of them by sight. I did not do this on purpose. I learn better visually and figured it would be easier to "teach" visually. So I posted a ABC chart and ABC block letter magnets on the refrigerator. I was not very deliberate in teaching Ziva. It really just happened. She would play with the blocks a lot and bring them to me to tell her what they were. Maybe once or twice a week we would sit down in front of the chart and read over it for a couple of minutes. I get down there less now that I am huge pregnant. Still she has learned them. She also can count to 10 and can recognize many of the numbers. One of my favorite things is that she will see a "M" in a book or some where, call it a "m" then turn the book upside down and then call it a "w". It excites me to get to see her progress in this area. It makes me want to be more deliberate. God willing once #2 makes it here I will still take the time to work with her.

I wanted Ziva to show y'all her ABCs. Instead she hid her face.

Finally got her to show y'all, but only got one picture taken of it.
If you look closely you can see how she grouped letters.

"Get your finger out of your mouth!"
I think she is working on her 2yr old molars.

I kept asking Z to pose for a picture but she would squat like this to take it. I couldn't figure out why she wouldn't stand up. It was because I was squatting to take the picture.

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