Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ziva's Latest Fashion Moments

We have been having a blast watching Ziva grow with leaps and bounds. Each day she adds more words, more exploration and more attitude (from her father of course). One of the areas she is expanding on a daily basis is her independence, especially in the area of...we'll call it dress up. Because, as of now, we are not leaving the house this way. She loves to add "things" to her outfits. Be forewarned, these additions aren't necessarily the best looking but they are oh so fun!

To cut her a break, clogs were in this summer.

Double shoes Everyone should do it.

This picture is all about attitude. It has was not posed or acted out. She got in the passenger seat, put on my sunglasses and was ready to go.

I have no words for this.

All I have to say here is that I was not watching her.

This is more about her misuse of a magnifying glass than fashion. In using it wrong (pressing it against her face) it becomes part of her as she walks around this way.

Z was trying on a friend's accessories.

Ready for work.

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