Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch

Like all parents, I have dressed my child up, packed her in the car and driven around in search for the perfect pumpkin patch that will provide perfect pumpkins, perfect fun and most of all perfect pictures. I believe we have found the perfect pumpkin patch. It is Cahill's Market in Bluffton, SC. It is a cute barn that has been renovated into a restaurant and produce market. It is just too cute. There is one draw back. The weather. When we took this trip it was the first weekend of October and 95 degrees outside. This makes it just a bit difficult to walk around outside in "fall" clothing and take your time picking a pumpkin and taking pictures. We melted. We had wardrobe malfunctions. (Remind me to write Gap to discuss the neckline of a certain toddler tunic.) We had awesome food, as always. Most of all, despite all the issues, we had fun!

If you live any where near here, even a hour away, it is worth the trip!!

Picking a Pumpkin

This one's too big.
This one's too small.
This one's just right!

A girl's gotta rest after all that hard work.

Now we pick flowers.

You're right Nanny. It's a great picture...at least you look good in it.
This is for my husband. Here's a picture of me on the blog. Here is also the reason pictures of me usually don't make it. The good ones of me usually mean Z isn't lookin' so good. And vain as I am I'm going to go with the one I look ok in. Sorry Z.

We finally pick a pumpkin for Z. We get one she can pick up. We set her down to get a picture of her with it and she picks it us and throws it just as the camera clicks.

Let's Go

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics. They made me smile. I miss you both!