Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What's the difference between a tornado warning and tornado watch?

I do not remember a single tornado watch or warning the last time we lived in this area. That's almost 6 years of tornado free life. I definitely know I did not hear a single tornado siren when we lived here last. A week ago today they tested the tornado/weather warning sirens. Monday they went off for real. Now I am no stranger to tornadoes. It is just when you don't expect them, your heart really gets going. Jason was driving home in the stuff and I was at home with Ziva and my friend Ashley who was just walking out the door. I told Ashley to get back inside, get Z out of bed and go get in the tub as I gathered our purses and pillows. I got the pets set with the "kids" and when outside to wait (stupid behavior so says my mom). All was okay in the end. Just something I wasn't planning on dealing with that day.

The girls safe and secure.

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Kari said...

She's so sweet Autumn!! We'd love to see you guys when we arrive in Georgia! Where are you exactly, I forgot! Is it Alabama? How far from Atlanta? Enjoy your Friday and your sweet baby girl!