Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter

We hope you all have a wonderful Easter. We hope you understand fully why we celebrate Easter. If you do not feel free to ask. We wish we were with you all to celebrate this wondrous occasion. XOXOXO to all of you.
Another Dead Leaf
Easter Kisses
"I love them!"

Where are the eggs?

I know that what I am about to admit to is horrible. Lord and Nanny please forgive me. Our "Easter Egg" hunt at our house was so tedious. I cheated by not dyeing real eggs. I bought the plastic ones instead. When gathering them Ziva had to stop, pick one up, try over and over again to open it, finally open it, examine it and then put it in the basket. She did this with every single plastic egg. It took forever. All I could think about was the nap I wanted to take so bad. I am awful.

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Kim said...

I love Ziva's Easter dress. Looks like you had much better weather for Easter than we did. It was stormy here. We miss you guys.