Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An Egg Hunt

Ziva got to go to her first egg hunt. It was a really good event. The church we are going to held the event. It was packed full of games, prizes, bounce-a-rounds and real bunnies. Z enjoyed the whole thing. She said "hi" to all who would listen. The only thing I can find to complain about is that those who organized the event did not take account that the youngest kids would need the biggest area (in contrast to the tiny area they marked out) because of the entourage of parents, cameramen and grandparents that would be following them. Chaos!

The Calm Before the Storm

0 to Chaos in 60 seconds.

The only two eggs Ziva got. Really the only two left. She spent quite a bit of time putting them in the basket, taking them out of the basket, putting them back into the basket, etc, etc, etc.

"Whoa there chicken. Where are you going so fast?"

I love the look Z is giving the chicken. She was not so sure about them.

Ziva, a Plastic Easter Egg and Another Stick

This picture isn't all that exciting. I post it because of the little girl in the front left hand corner of the picture. The one in the blue and red dress. Well, she is only 12 months old and was climbing all over the jungle gym by herself. Her mother attributed it to her older brother. What ever. This lil' girl was impressive and fearless. Good luck to her mom!

Reason # 278 that I need anxiety meds.

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