Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sushi Baby

This time is a struggle (over exaggeration) for Ziva and her eating habits (can it be called a habit if there is no constancy). Until a couple of months ago, she had been eating like a horse and was not picky at all. I felt blessed. Now there is no rhyme or reason to what Z eats or when. She hates it all. She loves it all. My mother suggested that I should feed her what I am eating. This doesn't work. She thinks she wants my food until she tries it...until she discovered sushi rice. She loves sushi rice. This day she insisted on the whole roll. I removed the stuff she couldn't have and gave it to her. I just knew she wouldn't like it. Three rolls later I was looking for something else to eat since Z was obviously going to eat all my sushi.
Don't worry. There is no raw fish in this sushi roll.

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