Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summer Trip 2009 - The Wonder Place/Little Rock

There is this place in Little Rock called The Wonder Place (http://www.thewonderplace.com/). It is wonderful. Nanny, Poppy and Pops took Ziva and Jaxon while Gran Jan and I shopped and got ready for Julia's bday party. The grandparents said it was awesome. They took a lot of pictures of the kids having so much different kinds of fun. We suggest it for anyone in the area. It is worth the cost! So much to do. So much to learn. So much fun!

Ziva and Jaxon whip up some fun in the Kitchen

There was this stream that the kids could play in. Ziva loved it. She even loved pouring water over head. Need more than an apron when this is happening.

Ziva playing with dynamite. Just kidding its sticks for the steel drum behind her but doesn't it look like dynamite.

Shopping in the Grocery Store with Poppy.

Our Knight.

Art Time

Look closely. The orange ball is floating over the pipe. Jaxon was old enough to into this room with all these pipes with air current flowing through. OH MY GOSH!! It sounds so fun. Jaxon and Pops had a great time. Not sure who had the best time.

Here I come!

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