Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick-or-Treat with Poppy and Nanny

Since my parents can't seem to stay away, they ended up here just before we left for trick-or-treating. They may have missed Friday night. But they talked Ziva into a few treats and getting back into her costume. Actually, they had to talk me into allowing the treats but I figured with all the organic food she gets and little won't hurt her...I hope. I was so worried she would slip into a sugar induced coma. She did okay...till we took the sweets away.

Ziva and Poppy in his costume. A hopeful investor. Actually this isn't a costume. He wears this tshirt. He says you get it free when you lose 20K. (Not true)

A little chocolate.

Then she took a huge bite. Gotta remember those teeth.

The Lolly Pop...I can't believe I said this was okay.

Dressed back up with Nanny, who said Z looked like a dog tick. This did not make me happy.

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Tales from Goshen said...

Precious. Nothing dog ticky about it.