Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween - Part I

So if you didn't know from the earlier pictures, Ziva was a spider for Halloween. I had this cute pixie costume picked out but it didn't feel like us and it especially didn't feel like Ziva. Then one day we ran across this and knew it was perfect.

We had a great time. We went Trick-or-treating with a big group in GA. So there are a few GA Dawg fans...sorry. Other than that we had a great time. Ziva was so pleasant. She enjoyed herself and all the other babies (four between the ages of 6mon - 10mon).

It was an awesome time seeing all the different ages go through the motions. I am happy I am on this side of Halloween. It has been quite a journey from going trick-or-treating to taking someone trick-or-treating. And I know Halloween is such a shallow "holiday" to reminisce over how life has changed, but I did. I am so over being a kid. It was cool but I am so settled and happy in this stage of my life. Though there are many things I am working on personally, the Lord has blessed me the ability to live in the moment. I am content.

We thought this pairing was perfect.

Stephanie and James. Stephanie was the sexiest prego ever!

Stuart. The entertainment for the night.

Part of the Group.

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