Sunday, November 23, 2008

Guess Who's Walking

Much to my surprise Ziva walked Saturday morning. I wasn't expecting it. We were playing in her "pen." I was seated somewhat in the middle and Ziva had her back to me. All of a sudden she turned around and walked to me. Hands free! She took 3 to 4 steps. Its hard to tell with those baby shuffling steps. Sadly, Jason was still sleeping. We played a little while longer and she did it again. When daddy finally woke up it was time for Ziva to walk for him. She did walk again for her daddy. Unfortunately, I was too excited and didn't hit record. I took a still picture instead. So we had our poor baby preform again and again till I could get it recorded. You can tell she's just starting out. This footage is more of a run than a walk. I didn't get any of the slow and steady walks on film. She still prefers to crawl but we were told at church today to expect her to be running by Christmas. Hope your house is ready Grand Jan and Pops.

Ziva has also been standing on her own (hands free) for over a week now. The whirlwind of growing up has started. I did not expect my baby to be able to stand up holding a ball and stay up for at least thirty seconds this week. Now she walking. I can not believe it. I'm just glad Jason was home for the first day!

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Kim said...

\=[[m [

That is from Ashlen. It translates to "Wow Ziva, I can't wait until I'm a big girl like you."