Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Fella Wedding

For those of you who don't know what a "Fella" is the explanation follows. For those of you who know these are the pictures from Jay and Sarah's wedding weekend - go ahead and skip to pictures.

Jason has a group of friends from high school/college that he still keeps in contact with. They call themselves the "Fellas." When ever they get together they pick up right where they left off. Each time one married, their spouse (usually before the wedding) is "initiated" into the group. This July the last Fella got married. You can look back on the blog and find out more about the newly weds...sometime last fall...I think. It is always a wonderful time when we all get together but it's never long enough.

We love and miss you all, Fella families!

BBQ after the wedding.

Kate Walker

Some of the Fella Girls

They all wanted to hug each other but none of them wanted to be hugged.

We were awful parents and restaurant patrons! We let our kids run a muck all over the restaurant. Ziva actually went to someone else's table and wanted food. Apparently ours wasn't good enough. In our defense no one was there when we started eating, then they just snuck in on us.

Kyle Floyd and Eden

Chad and Kim Cate

Brooklyn Floyd...eating my baked beans. It was too funny! I couldn't keep quiet long enough to actually finish my dinner so Brooklyn point blank asked me if I was done and could she have my beans. I told her to have at'em. Girl goes after what she wants...just like her ma'ma. ;)

Kyle and Ziva covering their ears.
"Too Loud!"

Karen Reddick and Ashley Floyd
I was to busy talking to take good pictures. Sorry.

Greg Walker and Eden

"Too Loud"
I can't remember what the sound was but whatever it was Ziva had major issues with it. She insisted to keep her ears covered.

L to R: Pat and Karen Reddick, Chad and Kim Cate, Becky (Kate) and Greg Walker, Nate and Zully Tharel, Us, Ashley (August) and Kyle (Brooklyn) Floyd.
Many children not pictured.
Note: I was too busy trying to eat between all my talking that I didn't even want to pick up my camera. I crave time with the Fella wives like I crave good BBQ (won't find any in GA). Jason wanted lots of pictures but was busy visiting as well. So there aren't a lot of "good" pictures. You can visit the blog site of The Cates for better pictures.

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