Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Eden's Dedication

We moved on from Fayetteville to OKC. While there we dedicated Eden at Jason's father's church. Faith in Christ is very important to us. It is also very important for us to live lives (through the power of the Spirit) that point our children to Christ and His sacrifice for us. We dedicate our children not as an act to "try and save" them but as a public display of our intentions and as a public request of accountability. Since we don't have a church home and are far from family we chose to have it in OKC. Of course could any place be more fitting? It is so very special for us to have our families there and Marty "officiate" the dedication.

Thank you Lord for our Eden Faith. She is such a wonderful gift from you.

Eden spit up as soon as we got on stage.

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