Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 - Part III

We drove to a little town near that advertised that they had a wonderful Santa's village for the kids. We had plans to go down at night when it was totally lit up and Santa was there but it didn't work out. We had to work it into one of our days. Which we were totally thankful for because has to be the world's smallest Santa's village. It was tiny. All of the buildings together stretched maybe 10 feet across. A disappointment for the adults. Ziva didn't really notice but we would have been a bit angry if we had gone there in the dark, when it was freezing cold and being taken over by lots of little kids. The craftsmanship of the village was good. It just could have been a little larger.

Ziva finds new ways to entertain herself.

This was the biggest "house."
It drove Ziva crazy that none of the doors opened.

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