Friday, December 12, 2008

The Christmas Cards I Didn't Make

For Halloween I did this homemade card test run. I made cards using Ziva's upside down foot print as a ghost. They turned out cute even if most of the foot prints were smugged into some unrecognizable shape.

If you did not get one I am sorry. Like I said it was a test run. There was suppose to be a test run making hand print turkey cards for Thanksgiving. After careful thought in regards to how the 10 month old would deal with all that paint on her hand, I nixed the project.

But I was all ready for these Christmas cards. I had all my supplies. I had scheduled my time wisely. I even had my helper elf...Jason. So last Saturday, sniffles and all, we started on the foot prints. After 5 I knew the project had to be abandoned. It wasn't going to work. First off, Ziva laughed and wiggled every time I painted her foot. Then she would fight me when I made the print. Therefor leaving me with a blob to work with. Secondly, once my helper elf learned we were making 100 he announced that I was crazy for thinking he was going to walk back and forth that many times to prop up the newly painted cards.

You see the make of a good artist is not always that they make wonderful art but when they can realize that a project is not going to pan out in any way, shape or form. In addition they have to be able to realize when the end does not justify the means. So...

I abandoned the project and bought pre-made cards the next day. I did take the picture below to remind myself how silly my plans can be. I hope you all enjoy your store bought cards.

Ziva's Painted Feet

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Kim said...

I tried a handprint/footprint card for mother's day. Didn't work so well. At least I was only making three.