Friday, March 14, 2008

What Dreams Are Made Of

Ziva started early on smiling in her sleep. She then followed that up with laughing in her sleep. Yes, real laughing. Though she has never repeated laughing like that while awake. It is more of a silent laugh. One day I asked Jason what it was he thought she was smiling and laughing about. After stating that she did not have any real life experiences that she would remember, he figured she was smiling and laughing with God. Whether or not you believe it, it is a profound thought. Maybe in our babies dreams the Lord still visits. Who else could make someone so little so happy in their sleep. Thinking in this in detail makes me smile myself. The Lord is with us always and maybe just maybe if we become more childlike we will see Him there, always, even in our dreams.

Turn off the lights I'm sleeping.

Happy Little Smiling Baby.

This is in the middle of one of her laughing sessions. I wish I had taped it!

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