Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shoes and Stickers

This pictures was taken to show Ziva sporting my shoes (wrong feet). It is being posted to share with you all a lesson we learned. If you look closely you will see a red area with some sort of white residue in the middle of Z's chest. That is what is left from a "Jesus Lives" sticker. It was only applied to the area and worn for maybe 4 hours. Lucky for me Ziva was not aware of how difficult removing big sticky items could be...yet. I soaked it with water, worked up corner, soaked it with more water and yanked it off. Just like I knew Jason would have told me to do. The only problem was it didn't budge. I did manage to hurt my daughter and terrify her all in one not so swift move. To make this long story short after two days, lots of tears, many applications of different liquids, a bunch of hugs and kisses and some tough parenting it came off. Slowly...bit by bit. Very traumatic.

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