Monday, May 24, 2010

Park Pictures

For Mother's Day my mom asked for pictures with the girls. She had even bought matching dresses for them. Of course I jumped at the chance to dress my family in coordinating colors and drag them around outside all day long for just the perfect shot. Unfortunately for my family it was in the upper 80s if not the 90s. None the less we had a fun time and got some cute pictures. So mom here's a preview of your pictures.

Note: They are out of order. Not that it really matters, but it usually bothers me. I don't really have the time for details. We started with pictures then we ended with Ziva playing in the fountain. Which I love! Savannah added this new visitors center at Forsyth park with a fountain that kids can play in. Ziva had a blast.

Who Needs a Swimsuit

The Forsyth Play Fountain

As Good As It Gets
Eden was so good...until we tried to put her in the pictures.
Also my hair is a mess! It is still growing and growing. I can't keep my bangs short enough...well until this week when I decided to cut them myself. Hopefully, they'll still grow fast.

This picutre says it all.

Does it make us bad parents when we let a two year old hold an infant?

Love This One!

Eden is practising her Scarlet O'Hara


Smile Nanny!

Jason was trying to get Z to lean on her hands.
This is the best we got.

Enough with the camera!

Okay, one more smile.

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Kim said...

So so jealous at how much Ziva looks at the camera. Can she teach Ashlen?

These are great pictures. Y'all are such a cute family.