Saturday, March 27, 2010

Potty Training

Last week we started potty training. We decided on a week long concentration on potty training. I cleared my calendar and didn't do anything but hang out with Ziva. She woke up on a Monday and all the diapers and her changing table had disappeared.

At first it didn't go well. Ziva wet so many pairs of training pants I could hardly keep up. The second day she didn't wet as many but that was because she spent the majority of the day on the potty...doing nothing. She would sit and sit and sit and sit. She could stay up there for 30 mins or longer and not do a thing. She would read her books or sings songs. Then we would get up, wash up, and then in less than 5 minutes she had peed her panties. This went on all day. Till late afternoon when we banished all panties and went naked.

Day three started "naked" time. We spent the next three days in the kitchen/dining room naked. And it worked. I could go into more details but right now all I'm going to say is that the full attention and naked time worked. By Saturday she was in panties and running around the house.

This Monday will be the two week mark. She is doing so good. If we don't go anywhere Ziva still runs around in just panties. Makes it easier for her to get ready. And the potty is still in the kitchen. Still she is doing awesome. She does use pull ups at night and nap time but the past several nap times have been dry. Today, we went out and she wore pull ups (I'm not ready for major clothing issues and I don't know if I can physically handle it) and she didn't pee her "bye bye panties" once! The only issue was that she wouldn't use the bathroom. The one we took her to had automatic flushes and scared her to death. But we thought ahead and brought her potty with us. So when we got back to the van Ziva gladly pee peed there. Which may seem odd but it works for now.

So that is where we are. Please keep praying for Ziva's success in this.

Day Two...Just Sitting There and Sitting There and Sitting There

Day Three...Success! Yes that's pee in the potty. When your this excited and proud you'll post anything.
Please ignore the mess in the back ground. We have a thousand projects going on as we get ready for #2...#2 baby...not #2 potty issue.

Ziva likes playing in "forts." Forts are any kind of structure with some type of cloth draped over it. She even likes the single person fort...cloth draped over her head. Here Z wanted to hang out in a fort while she pottied. How could we say no?

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Kim said...

Since you don't have much going on in the next month (he he), can you come potty train Ashlen? She has no interest whatsoever. The big potty scares her and the seat of the little potty isn't comfortable enough for her tastes. I think I'm going to wait until it warms up a bit and let her go naked outside.