Thursday, April 3, 2008

No shoes for me, please.

Before our walks, as habit now, I get Ziva ready and put her in the stroller. I let out the dogs, check for keys, lock the doors and then we go. Yesterday I decided that Ziva could wear her o-so-cute baby crocs though she would be doing none of the walking on this walk of ours. So I put them her, I put her in the stroller, do the above list and then turned around and she had kicked them off in less than two minutes. It actually looked like she took them off and neatly placed them next to her stroller. Taking my cues from her, I decided that picking up lil' shoes every 30 feet wouldn't make for a good walk, so I ditched them. They were cute.

This is how I found inoccent.

"What mom? You hate shoes to."

At least she's neat.

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